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Colour Me YELLOW

Colour Me YELLOW


The Haldi ceremony in Indian Weddings hold a special place as this marks the very beginning of the actual marriage to continue. The essence of turmeric is not just it’s antiseptic benefits but also for it’s colour which stands for fertility and prosperity!

Well the above information may not be of interest to everyone so all you young chaps know that the actual Haldi ceremony these days has become more of a rain dance party. Why stick to only yellow when you can add in all the holi shades too?

Haldi has become a ceremony that is celebrated by both the families of the Bride & Groom. Generally done outdoors to keep the fun and merry making unlimited.

Here’s one of the maximum fun we have seen Haldi ceremonies we shot recently and the pictures speak for themselves as to how much fun and colourful the people are with sparkling smiles and shining hearts, blessing Shraddha and Pravesh with every blessing there possible is. I bet you can take some tips from their Haldi ceremony when you are planning your own



LightBucket’s “The Chosen Ones”(Couples) of 2016

Ok we have been getting complaints that we’ve only been throwing light on the ladies and that there’s no good looking guys on the menu! So it’s decided then we are going to do a little justice, but instead of just the grooms how about we show you girls what you should look for in a man and all you men well thank god you have such lovely women in your lives 😉

If you are setting couple goals or wondering how to build that chemistry with your partner the kind you see on big screens then you are in the right place. Let’s roll then…

All Eyes on You – Brahmani & Rajeev Reddy

When the whole world watches and envies the two hearts who are lost in a world of their own.

The Unforgettables – Rhea & Mehaal Bellipady Rai

They gave us beautiful pictures and more… They left us with memories like no other.

Show Stoppers- Jovila & Hansel Mathias

They’ve got the looks and they know how to look good.

They’ve got the Moves –  Nikita & Vinay Agarwal

The way he leads her, the way she trusts him. Their moves and their hearts, just like the right chords and the amazing music they create.

The Sweethearts – Gillian & Chetan

The couple whom we didn’t want to stop shooting.

Young & Adorable – Namratha & Mohit Shetty

The kinda couple who make you go awwwweeee…

The Bold & the Beautiful – Anusha & Varun Shetty

Setting trends, making news, standing out because they are a class apart!

Puppy Love – Preetie & Prashasti

Whether the love story begins soon or late, it sure will last forever and more…

The Cool Quotient – Swathi & Thimmaiah

Cool, fun and full of swag. This couple is what you’d call FAB!

Yin & Yang (The perfect balance) – Nikhila & Sagar

For when they come together, they are the right blend. When opposites attract they are perfectly centred!

The Love Spreaders – Neeta & Ganesh

You want to be like them. They are so full of love, love love love…

“All About Her” LightBucket Brides of 2016

Here is a list of brides in no specific order, the Brides who turned heads, revolutionised Bridal wear and raised the bar for the soon to come to-be-Brides. They are not only trend setters but are the epitome of Indian beauty. They may seem to be from different backgrounds and of various cultures but they have one thing in common, they all looked no less than Princesses and swept their prince charming off their feet on their respective “The” Days!!!! We feel extremely proud to showcase our hand picked Brides and also Couples who made our work look its best because of not only their bright faces but their warm hearts, beautiful expressions, the dance moves and their emotions which were so grounded. So sit back and enjoy because, Here come the Bride“S”!

Ever Shining Bride – Radhika Pandit

We wonder how many hearts this Bride broke and how long the effects will last. We reckon forever!

Dilli ki Chori – Sonal Baid 

There’s no place like Delhi and there’s no beating Delhi Brides! They know it all, have it all and sure know how to flaunt their beauty!

Timeless Beauty – Rhea Sushara

She reminds you of yester years. A time when love needed no explanation, beauty was what lay within and purity was found all around…

Mrs Most Expressive – Pooja Ramesh

If we have to name one  must have characteristic in a Bride we would blurt out just this- EXPRESSIONS, EXPRESSIONS AND EXPRESSIONS!!!!

Golden Smile Bride – Ritwika Rai

What can be the most beautiful feature of a woman other than her smile? The Answer is Nothing!!


Best Dressed Bride – Swati Shah

 For the clothes add beauty and a Bride should know how to carry it off.

Lady in White – Jovila Christina

When she walks down the aisle, she dances, she smiles, drives you crazy, holds your hand. All at one shot and with all of her heart.


Mangalorean Beauty – Anisha Rai

Is it something about the place, the water or just the girls. The Kudla beauties definitely know how to walk the Bridal ramp

Eid ka Chaand – Feha

For when she moves her floral veil, you’l skip a breath and lose your heart to her beauty.

Unique Bride – Nisarga

Coz beauty has no definitions, labels or limitations. This chosen Bride has set a new trend in terms of her attire and the whole wedding at large.

Sabyasachi Bride – Krutika Kamilla

Every Bride’s dream is to wear his label and we don’t have to explain why!

She’s got the Swag – Bhavya 

She knows being shy is so passé. She’s crazy and beautiful all at the same time.