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Colour Me YELLOW

Colour Me YELLOW


The Haldi ceremony in Indian Weddings hold a special place as this marks the very beginning of the actual marriage to continue. The essence of turmeric is not just it’s antiseptic benefits but also for it’s colour which stands for fertility and prosperity!

Well the above information may not be of interest to everyone so all you young chaps know that the actual Haldi ceremony these days has become more of a rain dance party. Why stick to only yellow when you can add in all the holi shades too?

Haldi has become a ceremony that is celebrated by both the families of the Bride & Groom. Generally done outdoors to keep the fun and merry making unlimited.

Here’s one of the maximum fun we have seen Haldi ceremonies we shot recently and the pictures speak for themselves as to how much fun and colourful the people are with sparkling smiles and shining hearts, blessing Shraddha and Pravesh with every blessing there possible is. I bet you can take some tips from their Haldi ceremony when you are planning your own



Abraham + Nandita

When they are together, they’re in their own world filled with mushy words and starry eyed gazes, topped with so much love. The dreams, the look and what they feel for each other can only be felt and cherished after that.
Love, light and happiness fills their hearts, it’ll make you smile and want what they have too… Blessed be who find it all, blessed be who make others glee!