5 Wedding Photography Tips For Budding Photographers

Over the years since its inception in India, the concept of wedding photography has gone beyond the traditional bounds of being a mere profession to being a zealous passion for all kinds of camera enthusiasts in the country. 

From amateurs to professionals, Indian photographers are extremely curious about trying their hands at this style at least once if not forever, and most of them, trust us when we say this, end up being a huge fan!

With myriads of colours, traditions, emotions served on a platter, Indian weddings are the ideal setting to explore and experiment new photography styles and techniques, but only if you have a few basics sorted for you.

Now that we have got you wondering what they are, here are a few wedding photography tips for budding amateur photographers who are keen on trying their hands at wedding photography. 

Always be charged!

Literally! Wedding Photography or not, always ensure that you have plenty of charged batteries as well as memory backups with you! Weddings, especially, are heavily flooded with rituals running around changing batteries and memory cards can take up a lot of time if they aren’t handy. This could lead to missing out on a certain important shot and there obviously is no question of a retake! Hence ensure that you always have plenty of backup hanging around you, just to be sure!

Find a kind helper!

Weddings are fond moments for everyone and most attendees try capturing them as much as possible on their phone cameras. Guests also like crowding around the couple to bless them or just view the rituals from close proximity. This can lead to some really bad shots either photo-bombed by people around or ugly shadows! It’s best to find a helper or crowd controller in the family who can help clear the grounds for you and request the guests to keep your way unobstructed!

Shoot in raw!

We are never getting tired of reiterating the importance of shooting footage raw! Although the post-processing might take time with raw data, it is only going to provide you with a clean canvas to produce the best output and manipulate shots in the best way possible. Indian wedding rituals seldom happen at a single place. Nooks and corners might not be brightly lit and you might end up shooting a few shots in places dingy and cranked up. Raw footage helps you here as you can easily manipulate the exposure and white balance here, turning each shot into a masterpiece!

Do not delete anything

There might be shots which haven’t turned out to be as appealing as you expected them to be, but it’s alright! We recommend you to not delete anything while on the field because if shot raw, you can still go back home to experiment with them. It’s best to preserve every single frame you have shot in the wedding and then play with it during the post-production to make it look more appealing. After all, more the merrier, isn’t it?

Do not miss the golden hours!

The early hours of the morning and evening, when the sun isn’t directly above the head creating harsh shadows, are the best to shoot some mesmerising portraits! Try stealing away the bride and groom outdoors to click some stunning shots during this time and use interesting contrasts that like dark coloured leaves, flowers, and concrete walls as backdrops for these portraits. You’ll surely end up creating some magic out there!


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