Gone are the days of shy brides and impassive grooms, wedding photography has moved on from its vintage and monochrome misogynistic perspective to the vibrant pastures of candid photography and bold posers.

The 1960s to 1990s wedding photography focussed on improving the quality of the photographs. 1990s was the era in which wedding photography made a breakthrough as a real profession, but the exaggerated emphasis on capturing the femininity of brides and masculinity of grooms remained.

Indian Wedding Photography 2000-2005

These were the times when designer clothing and modern wedding planning services became accessible to everyone. It changed the face of Indian wedding photography.

Brides were voicing their quirky photographic demands. Bridal photography was breaking out of forced feminine poses.

Indian Wedding Photography 2005-2010

The “shy bride” culture slowly became a thing of the past, it’s all about bold and beautiful poses. The era of candids and other photographic trends turned the world of wedding photography upside down. A gradual new-ness takes over the wedding photography industry.

Indian Wedding Photography 2010-2020

wedding photos rohan and anushka

Photography went in a different direction with social media turning into the greatest hit in everybody’s life. Social media became an essential part of wedding photography with wedding photography going beyond just photographs clicked on the day of the wedding. We now have pre- wedding photoshoot, bridal photoshoot, pre-wedding theme video and much more. We have a whole team of cinematographers who shoot aesthetic wedding videos with realistic storylines just like a gorgeously shot film.

Bridal photography now has various themes and styles you can choose from.

In any case, the wedding photo is not, at this point only a photo. It’s a cherished celebration of the boisterous, colourful Indian wedding- from the elegant family portrait to the embarrassing dance rehearsals- it’s a celebration of the individuality of the couple and their near and dear ones.

The advancement of the camera has turned shy and stiff newly-weds into born posers who don’t hesitate to let their hair down and enjoy each and every moment of their wedding to the fullest. Technology has been the game-changer: from Pinterest (the ‘mood-board’) to Instagram wedding inspirations.

Ritu & Avinash Bangalore wedding pictures

Wedding photographs are nothing like what they used to be. They have become snapshot memories of emotion; of joy, love and abundant happiness. It’s the pursuit of drama, emotion and colour have brought it closer to art.

The most noticeable change in weddings have been their depiction through photos and videos. Equipment like Steadicams and aerial cams have taken the limelight.  Besides, the production of a trailer for the wedding film, what has caught on in a big way is what wedding photographers call ‘couple photoshoot’. These are pictures of just the couple before or after the wedding.

What led to this gradual change?

The bloom in the economy

Liberalization saw a gradual lifestyle change in the people of India. The economy blossomed; people had more disposable income and living standards were better.

This is when Indians understood how the wedding culture was important all around the world, and decided to be a part of the trend. This marked the importance of capturing the moments through an innovative lens.

Advent of fresh concepts

malvika and akhil

The elite Indian population was under the influence of western thought and culture, and wanted to incorporate it into their own tradition. As the Indian middle class has grown exponentially in the last two decades, the lifestyle changes have become more noticeable. They now want to be in the same league as the people of the West when it comes to taking pre-wedding photos as well as organising weddings in exotic locations, so that they have a beautiful memory of their marriage ceremony that they can relive for years to come. Suddenly, the Indian market started to demand new and fresh concepts which were more than just plain shy bridal photography.

It was the time when the idea of using filter apps took India by storm and the traditional photography had to bid adieu and Candid Wedding Photography took the centre stage.

The sudden rise in popularity of Artsy Videos

With the introduction of different wedding styles; ranging from rustic to tropical; Wedding videos had to capture the essence of the moment. Boring linear wedding videos slowly became out-of-fashion.

Now, people have an idea regarding the kind of editing, the lighting, theme and other aspects of the wedding video would look. The wedding video had to be a striking piece of art.

Demands for the perfect bridal photography

Most brides-to-be have planned their perfect wedding out since their childhood so they won’t leave any stone unturned to have the best of every service. They are bombarded with information and inspiration from wedding blogs, wedding magazines, Youtube videos, real weddings, Bollywood movies; and the expectations are sky-high.

People really invest a lot in a wedding especially the bride, her expensive designer bridal outfits not just for her wedding but for each pre-wedding celebration, jewellery, makeup and more.

When you are dressed to impress, you want to hire someone to capture all your wedding moments; a photographer who is the best at his job.

One of the incredible changes that you will notice has happened to wedding photography in India is the advent of candid photography. These days, couples like to reminisce the exact atmosphere that was there on their big day. The popularity of candid wedding photographers in India has increased rapidly.

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