Wedding Photography Styles You Should Know

You’ve booked your dream venue, have finalised the wedding planner and now you are on a hunt for the perfect wedding photographer. You are looking for a photographer, who’ll help you have the most surreal picture-perfect shots that you’ll cherish all your life. While there are multiple options to choose from, however, there are also a plethora of things that you need to keep in mind before finalising one. Right from the budget to the style of wedding photography, several things influence your decision. And if you are slightly confused about it, then we are here to help you out with that. 

Here are some wedding photography styles that will help you have some opulent wedding pictures. Knowing about these styles will help you make an informed decision. 

Traditional wedding photography:

One with the fam jam

It is the most prevalent style of photography. Traditional photography is straightforward and takes us back in the days of our parents’ wedding. It includes all of those formal poses in an old and classic form. They may not be creative, but they are a part of almost every wedding. Photographers try and include at least some traditional photography into their mix, especially for family portraits after the ceremony.

Candid wedding photography:

Every moment matters

Candid photography is getting quite popular with time, and this style of wedding photography focuses majorly on capturing moments throughout the day as they happen versus styling shots with precise lighting and posing. The photographers capture the raw emotions, hence candid photographs make for some of the most heartfelt and memorable images. 

Lifestyle wedding photography:

Every picture has its own style

This is also a candid style of photography, but it needs some direction and styling. In this style, the photographer has a vision and knows how to achieve the perfect shot by using the props and lights. 

Fashion wedding photography:

It’s all about fashion

In this, the photographers acquire some techniques from the world of fashion and focus equally on the dramatic background, lighting and frame. While shooting, the photographers presumably give some direction for distinct poses and facial expressions to add dramatic flair to the photos. This style is slightly time-consuming, but the final shots are worth all the hard work. 

Dark and moody wedding photography:

Dark is beautiful

This type of photography is getting popular with time. While incorporating this style, the photographers try to photograph the couple with shadows, dark settings or harsh lines that create unusual and creative patterns or lighting. This style also includes dark editing and shooting. 

Artistic wedding photography:

Art captures the true love

This style of wedding photography is majestic and turns your wedding photos into a piece of art. It includes the use of props and smart play of lighting. The images are more conceptual and involve direction from the photographer. The background is equally in focus as the couple in this style of photography. 


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