12 Wedding Photos You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

Weddings are one of the most joyous and intimate events of every couple’s life. You plan for months to make sure that you have a picturesque dreamy wedding, and for that, you hire a top-notch decorator, photographer, planner, makeup artists, etc. While everyone works hard to make your wedding a grand success, it’s the photographer who makes sure to capture every precious moment that you treasure for eternity. And to make sure that the photographer captures all the picture-perfect moments, here are 12 picture ideas that you should suggest while discussing the wedding shots. 

Here are some wedding picture ideas you might want to include.

The invites:

Cause every invite is special

Sometimes, we don’t realize the value of wedding invites. We treat them as another piece of paper, whereas they should be treasured and shown to the generations to come. 


A promise to be together forever

The promise in the shape of two circles, not only shows off the sparkle of your wedding; but also adds glamour to the pictures you treasure forever. 

It’s all in the details:

Every detail matters

Even minute details like shoes, jewellery, centrepieces, etc. speak volumes about the wedding and add more drama to the occasion. So make sure that you ask your cameraman to capture these little details too. 

Whimsical Decor:

Decor matters

Make sure to snap some wedding photos of your gorgeous wedding decor. The blooming flowers, vivid colour palette and eccentric details add fun to the wedding!

The perfect dress:

It’s all about the dress

You dreamt of your wedding dress, and now when it is finally here, how can you not include it in your list of must-haves?

The perfect hair day:

Perfect hair adds more value to your look

Your hair may never look as captivating as it does on your wedding day, so capturing that again is a must! 

One with the glam team:

It’s all about looking exquisite

The nervousness and the anxiety to look perfect while you adjust your jewellery and makeup is something that you would want to remember for your life. 

Glammed up bride:

Happy brides are the prettiest

Don’t miss capturing some individual wedding pictures. These pictures will surely remind you of the jitters you felt before taking the plunge.

Team Bride:

Gal Pals forever

Your gal gang is the one who supports you throughout the wedding, so taking several shots with your bridesmaids surely cannot be missed. 

Groom Squad:

Squad goals

If your girl gets her bridesmaid shots, you deserve some pictures with the gang as well, because why should girls have all the fun! 


On the way to start a new journey together

Pictures of the most prominent moment of the day––when you commit to a lifetime together.

You may now kiss the bride:


One of the most special moments of every wedding. While you will cherish this special kiss for your life, a picture will certainly help you reminisce the precious moment. 


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