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Lightbucket Productions is a Bangalore based award-winning team of talented wedding photographers and cinematographers who are focused on making exquisite, heartfelt pictures and visuals while shooting every wedding. With fresh perspectives and unconventional ideas forever brewing in their heads, the team of Lightbucket Productions is perpetually excited to create something memorable that you will cherish for years to come. One of the most sought after wedding photography teams in Bangalore and the rest of the country, the team of Lightbucket Productions also covers destination weddings across the globe and their unique, creative style of capturing candid moments at weddings and other heartwarming celebrations has won hearts worldwide. Having photographed, filmed, and edited over 500 weddings globally, Lightbucket Production believes in capturing vivid elements that make each wedding different, while keeping intact all the emotions and feelings thriving in there. Their team includes a number of talented, ingenious photographers, cinematographers, and editors who are known to leave no stone unturned in carving beautiful memories for you!


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